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Yoga Meditation Stool

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Meditation is the act of turning the mind inwards. It is an essential tool of almost every tradition of spiritual discipline, whether Yogic, Buddhist, Vipassana, Judeo-Christian, Islamic or New Age schools.

Using a properly designed meditation stool can enable one to come very close to this ideal posture without years of training - the body is upright yet relaxed and the position can be comfortably sustained for a long period of time.

Eco Friendly wooden meditation stools.
Specially designed for comfort, stability and to give best posture.
This meditation stool takes the strain off your knees, ankles and lower legs. The legs are angled out adding to stability and the edges are rounded off to provide comfort for your thighs.


Option 1: Basic Meditation Stool

-Vipassana 1.4kg

- Slanted seat for better posture (unstained model only)
-Straight legs
-Easy to carry
-Non-slip  PLACE-IT seat cushion can be shaped to fit (see on bottom of page)

Size & Pricing:
40cm Long x 12cm Wide x 15cm Height    

($64.90 inc GST)

Option 2: Zen Style Meditation Stool  

Designed to foster correct spinal, physical and energetic alignment without putting stress on the knees. Most of one's weight is distributed on the ''sitz bones'' (ischial tuberosities) and the bench's lower contours comfortably angle and adjust to each person's needs.

Often refered to as our Pi Meditation Bench

Size & Pricing:
40cm L x 18cm W x 18.5cm H 

($99.99 inc GST)

Option 3: Superior Meditation Stool - aka "ROCKER STOOL"
The SUPERIOR unique meditation stool with its rocker legs automatically adjusts to the correct angle for sitting; the height has been designed to be suitable for most people, achieving the goal of keeping weight of the legs, knees & ankles and facilitating stillness in meditation.
  • Plantation Pine  1.4kg
  • Folds up
  • wider seat for added comfort
  • rocker legs automatically adjust to the correct angle for sitting
  • hand rubbed with aromatic plant oils
  • Standard height
  • Easy to carry
  • Great and more comfortable with sheep cover or Place-IT seat cushion (see bottom of page)



Size & Pricing:
40cm L x 19cm W x 17cm H           

$82.10 ($90.31 inc GST)

Accessory Options: Sheepskin Cover & Place-It Mats
  • Make the stool more comfortable by adding a cover!
  • The sheep fur cover is soft and plush and adds that extra padding
  • The Place-It seat cushion is sticky and adds GRIP to the stool. You can also easily cut the Place-It mat to the desired size.

Size & Pricing:
Non-slip PLACE-IT seat cushion       $5.00     ($6.50 inc GST)
Sheepskin Cover                               $31.90   ($35.09 inc GST)

Place-It Seat Cushion Adds Grip to your Stool
Sheepskin Cover - Adds Comfort Stetch bands hold it in place
A Guide to the safe use of your Meditation Stool

Kneel upright with feet close together and the tops of the feet on the floor.


Place the stool across your ankles and heels, while opening the stool legs out to each side.


As you lower your weight onto the stool, keep the stool's legs pulled out to the sides for stability.


Adjust the placement of the stool towards or away from the feet for maximum comfort and adjust the angle of the stool so that the back is straight and body upright.   This should happen automatically.

The motive for practising meditation can range from the simple desire to achieve a degree of relaxation, stillness or self awareness, to ultimate self realisation, samadhi, satori, nirvana or whatever word is used to describe this ultimately indescribable state. A consistent theme in all the traditional texts dealing with meditation is the necessity for consistent & regular practice of the chosen meditation technique.

This often involves hours of sitting on the floor in a traditional posture with the back straight & upright, the chest open & the body relaxed. This demands strength and flexibility of the body to maintain physical stilness without distracting discomfort: yoga asanas were originaly developed to achieve this.