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Yoga Paws

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The inspiring and unique way to stabilize your foundation when doing yoga postures and pilates exercises. A revolutionary design provides solid support, extra padding, and non-slip piece of mind. Fitting in your purse, pocket, or travel bag. Going somewhere? No need to lug that mat around with you anymore cause Yoga-Paws are ideal for TRAVEL!

Common Uses

Yoga Teachers - You might want to pull up alongside an individual student and demo a pose, or call the group's attention to you for a demonstration when you're a long way from your mat. Maybe there wasn't even room for you to put down a mat for yourself. With Yoga Paws, the entire room becomes your demonstration space.

Ideal for Travel - You're travelling for work again, or maybe finally taking that much deserved vacation, but now you can't find a place to keep up with your practice. No worries, because with Yoga Paws your practice goes with you wherever you go. There's no need to carry along a bulky mat, or worry about finding a space or the right kind of floor. Compact and easy to throw in a purse or carry-on, Yoga Paws let you practice wherever you can find a spot and the time.

Wrist Support - Wrist pain is very common with yoga. The culprit can be long hours at your keyboard, a harsd fall on an outstretched hand, or even stemming from tightness in the neck and shoulders. Whatever the cause, Yoga Paws can help make your weight bearing postures comfortable again. Yoga Paws Original provide 6mm of TPE (yoga mat material) padding for support. This extra padding relieves pressure and strain on the wrist within those weight bearing yoga postures. Creating a soft connection with the earth.

Home Yoga practice - Sometimes it's just not possible to get to a yoga class, between the demands of school, work and family. And it's usually tough to find an ideal place to do your yoga practice at home. Either the floor is too slippery or uneven, or there's not enough room to roll out your mat. Yoga Paws turn just about anywhere in your home into a suitable practice space.

Hot Yoga - No more slipping! Just throw on your Yoga Paws in conjunction with a towel and you're good to go! Yoga Paws have a towel liner inside each hand and foot that absorbs 7 times its weight in moisture. So the more you sweat the more you stick. Easy clean up! Just throw your Paws in the gentle cycle and air dry. Minimal fast, easy clean up.

Weight Lifting - Yoga Paws provide superior grip and support on both free weights and machines to keep you locked to your equipment. They are made with 4mm Natural ARubber material for grip and cushion to protect your wrists. Yoga Paws are also lined with a towel liner for sweat absorption, support and padding. Say goodbye to blisters, calluses and tears, Yoga Paws wil protect your hands.