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Yoga Pole Dancing Crash Mat & Accessories

Product Code: rtymdp

Select your thick black crash mat below to match your quantity. For other colours, please email your enquiry.

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thickest mats are safest for you and your clients.



  • Non-toxic high density PU foam with hard wearing PVC
  • Water resistant
  • Extra thick for your safety
  • Portable, foldable
  • Safe velcro fastening
The yoga pole crash mat can assist in the safe execution of pole dance fitness and are easy to install. Wraps around all dance poles in seconds! Inside made from strong but soft foam to allow optimum absorption with a secure landing. 2 separate pieces that velcro together securely. Vinyl covering makes for an easy clean and hygienic surface that you can wipe down with the aid of a chemically neutral spray if necessary.
Velcro on the Yoga Pole Dancing Crash Mat allows for 2 pieces to be stacked when not in use.
Size:  152cm diameter (5ft) x luxury 125mm thick.
NOTE: Avoid pole dancing if you suffer from back, neck problems or are pregnant. It is also beneficial to have someone spotting you if you are upside down. Do not use moisturisers, lotions or oils prior to pole dancing. Professional guidance is always best practice.

Currently available:
LARGE THICK BLACK MAT: 152cm diam (5ft) x 13cm (5 inches) thick
1 - 4 mats
$499.00 each
($548.90 inc. GST)
5+ mats $473.00 each ($520.30 inc. GST)
Please ensure when ordering mats that you leave delivery instructions for Toll to deliver as these items are too large to send via Post and will not be delivered to the post office.