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Yoga to Health - Growing Younger with Yoga

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Your own private yoga practice at home!

In this DVD you are gently guided by Louise through 5 selected yoga practices to help you grow younger by keeping the joints in the body supple and the spine flexible. Enjoy the practices seperately or in the sequence presented for your personal growing younger program. Standing poses in programs 3 and 4 are offered and demonstrated for both the more experienced student and for those with limited flexibility. Filmed on location at the magnificient Onkaparinga River mouth at Port Noarlunga in South Australia.

$27.95 ($30.75 inc. GST)

Program 1: Breathing and Limbering (9 mins)

Program 2: The 7-Way Stretch, neck and shoulders (11 mins)

Program 3: Standing Poses Flow Sequence (12 mins)

Program 4: Flow Sequence to Music (8 mins)

Program 5: Guided Relaxation: Dreaming (15 mins)

                 ... And This is Yoga, Namaste (15 mins)

BONUS FEATURES: Joint Mobility Sequence, Meditation (12 mins)

TAKING CARE: Please read the instructions and cautions at the beginning of this video before participating in this Yoga to Health Program. Some exercises may not suit your unique body, so if you have any doubts please consult your health care professional before you begin so that you may prevent strain or injury.