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Yoga to Health - Three Daily Practices with Louise Higgins

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Your own 3 private yoga practices at home!

The first program is a balanced yoga class practice to find stillness in strength using dynamic flows and breathing practices.

The second program is a gentler practice to find inner strength in stillness using gentle flows, meditation and relaxation practices.

The third program features a series of 8 simple practices renowned for their therapeutic benefits and suitability for all levels of ability and age groups. This yoga chi-kung energy healing sequence will stimulate life force through the body and the mind promoting healing at all levels as it balances stillness and strength.

Practice 1: Moving into Strength and finding stillness (30 mins)

Practice 2: Moving into Stillness and finding strength (29 mins)

Practice 3: The Eight Pieces of Silk (Yoga Chi-Kung) (28 mins)

TAKING CARE: Please read the instructions and cautions at the beginning of this video before participating in this Yoga to Healh program. Some exercises may not suit your unique body, so if you have any doubts please consult your health care professional before you begin so that you may prevent strain or injury.