Product Code: rtyagwswing

Inversion Sling / Back Traction
Great for Back Traction and Pain Relief

Material: Cotton Covered Nylong Webbing - Stainless Steel
Colour: Green
Weight: Approximately 500g



The Yoga Wall pelvic swing attaches directly to your Yoga Wall Belts in just seconds with its innovative hook. Save money by using your existing hardware. The Pelvic Swing is adjustable so you can do large variety of yoga postures.

Available in Forest Green

$144.00 ($158.40 inc GST)

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Keeper Strap  

Extra Padding

The Keeper Strap is used to the around
the Wall Belt or Pelvic Swing to tighten
it around your waist or pelvis. It is mainly
used in inversions and back bends.

$37.00 ($40.70 inc GST)


Use the fuzzy sleeve to slipover the Pelvic Swing for extra padding and comfort when using the Great Wall.

$38.40 ($42.24 inc GST)


Pelvic Swing Holder

The pelvic swing holder is a fast and easy way to store your Yoga Wall® Pelvic Swings. They come in 6 sizes.



  • 1 Pelvic Swing Holder
    $42.60 ($46.86 inc GST)
  • 2 Pelvic Swings Holder
    $46.80 ($51.48 inc GST)
  • 3 Pelvic Swings Holder
    $51.00 ($56.10 inc GST)
  • 4 Pelvic Swings Holder
    $55.20 ($60.72 inc GST)
  • 5 Pelvic Swings Holder
    $59.40 ($65.34 inc GST)
  • 6 Pelvic Swings Holder
    $63.60 ($69.96 inc GST)

If you do not have Yoga Wall Belt to clip in to please order from this page link

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Swing has 2 sides which only attach to Yoga Wall belts with clips for Great Wall. If you need Great Wall belts, please order.