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These wall stretch bands are 30" (~76cm) long, have a cloth sleeve around the band for safety and have a carabiner hook on each end. On one end of the band you can attach the Band Handle or Foot Strap. On the other end you can attach the specialised hook (that can hold up to five bands) so we can attach the band to the Yoga Wall. Each stretch band bundle includes four levels of resistance. When you have all four levels of bands attached to your wall, you can quickly change your resistance level or type exercises. Great for Core Candy type pilates .

Alternatively you can buy singular stretch bands but please note they do not come with a stretch band hook or handle. You must purchase these separately below.



The Stretch Band Bundle includes:

4 x stretch bands
Wall Hook
Stretch Band Handle
Stretch Band Foot Strap

Extra wall hooks, band handles and foot straps can also be bought seperately.
Some Ideas
"I have fixed up short Pilates springs attached to the wall fixing eyes, and then wide yoga belts with soft hand and leg straps attached by thick chrome snap ring connectors. It is long, very very secure, and I can hang by my hands behind or in front of me in a sloping plank position, great for the shoulders and back. It has a little bit of spring in it, so I can gently pulsate with my whole body weight. I can also rotate as per Gyrotonics style exercises. I fix the springs from the highest slots. If I wanted to, I could lay on my back and do the legs, but I have a reformer for that. The secret is in the springs because they are so strong. I got the ideas from balanced body u tube videos. I got my tradesmen to sand and paint the plywood for the wall with a pale transparent lime wash and then varnish it with matt varnish. It was time consuming, but I have a beautiful finish, much better than the raw wood."
"I fix all sorts onto the wall with those snap ring connectors. The hand/foot straps are the best.."  

Stretch Band Bundle: $288.00 ($316.80 inc GST)

Buy Seperately:

Stretch Band Handle

$48.00 each
($52.80 inc. GST)

Stretch Band Foot Strap

$46.80 each
($51.48 inc. GST)

Wall Hook

$44.00 each
($48.40 inc. GST)

Stretch Band Hook

$32.00 each
($35.20 each inc. GST)

This hook is made ideally for singular stretch bands.


Stretch Band Singular:

  • Light Band Yellow            $78.00 ($85.80 inc GST)
  • Medium Band Red            $79.20 ($87.12 inc GST)
  • Heavy Band Blue              $81.60 ($89.76 inc GST)
  • Extra Heavy Band Green   $82.80 ($91.08 inc GST)