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Yoga Wall Decoration

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Redefine your space with these creative wall decorations.
Helps you to focus with a more clear mind.  It is well known that it is easier to balance whilst staring at one spot. These will delight your senses of clarity and peace. Each one of these stickers will stick to a wall, mirror, glass window, or even the floor.

Before applying your wall deco motif, please ensure that the base is dry, free from grease and as dust-free as possible. Clean the base with a lint-free cloth if necessary. You can now remove the backing film from the motif and position it on the base you want. Carefully wipe over your deco sticker with a clean cloth to help it adhere to the wall better. You can remove or reposition the sticker within 24 hours by carefully pulling it from the wall and replacing it in the position you want as already described. As the stickers are made of high-quality, coated vinyl film, they are also suitable for use in rooms with high humidity e.g. Bikram yoga, bathrooms. When necessary, the stickers can also be wiped with a damp cloth. A hairdryer can be used to remove the sticker easily. Instructions included with prints!

Set of 2 / 46cm x 70cm sheets

Image Sizes:
15cm x 15cm
(Top four images)
22cm x 24cm (Bottom image)


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