Yogasana Cotton Yoga Mats

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Yogasana cotton yoga mats are hand-made in an ancient region of India where yoga had its origin. The pride of craftsmanship is reflected by the signature of the master weaver on each Yogasana mat. High quality 100% cotton materials, eco-sustainable and traditional weaving methods are used to ensure that this mat will support your yoga practice for years to come.
Enhance your yoga practice by including the color of mystery and meditation in your yoga environment.

Make your yoga practice more uplifting and creative.
The cotton weaving lineage of these craftsman dates back several generations. The mat is woven on a manual loom. It takes 3 days to weave a single mat. The pride of craftsmanship is represented by the signature of the master weaver on each mat he makes. The signature represents the passing of a mat from the weaver to the yogi.



"I am always striving to be ‘environmentally friendly’ in my life - from growing veggies in my yard, to composting and recycling just about everything. I finally have a yoga mat that meets my “environmentally friendly test!”. I love that the mat is made, without power, and of natural cotton, in India.

Best of all, I love the connection to the earth, and its energy, that I feel when laying in Savasana. This mat is beautiful; I actually keep it unrolled next to my bed when I am not doing down dog on it. I highly recommend using a Yogasana Mat."


Just got my mat. IT IS AWESOME! Some people may feel that it doesn't have the "sticky" feel of plastic.....but I would say, perhaps it's not the mat you need to check, it's your form. A slipping down dog is a lack of alignment, never the problem of a mat. Besides, why would you prefer oil based plastic over earth friendly, plant based, master weaving. Do the earth and your practice a favor.......invest in this mat!


"I use the Yogasana mat in both my traditional yoga classes and in my Bikram classes. Not only is it comfortable and durable, but it is also well-made and has a good grip for all my standing poses. I especially appreciate its absorbency as I tend to sweat a lot in my Bikram class and sticky mats become really slippery when wet. This mat absorbs the sweat and maintains its integrity so I feel confident and balanced in standing poses."


You don't slip when you need to hold a pose but you can glide from one movement to the next. The cotton absorbs any moisture and just "feels right" as it is a natural fiber and therefore the perfect companion for this holistic movement practice. This mat was the final piece that was needed to bring a total sense of harmony to my yogic practice. Thank you for a great product."


"I have been looking for another company who sells cotton mat for ages.  The last company websites ceased to exist.   Are there any other colours, I am looking for a paler colour, e.g. wheat ???  One of my yoga friends has the 100% cotton mat in cream/ wheat."

Measurements: 60cm x 183cm Thickness :5-6mm









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