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Yogasana Cotton Yoga Mats

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Please note that these rugs will unfortunately be discontinued once stock runs out.

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$149.00 ($163.90 inc GST)
Handcrafted Cotton Mats




Relax and experience the asanas on a natural cotton mat woven by hand in India near the birthplace of yoga. Easy to wash and maintain, feel the superior grip when used outdoors or indoors.

After 3 days of weaving, the Master Weaver’s signature is attached, this represents the pride-of-craftsmanship intrinsic in making this traditional/classic yoga mat. Indian yogis suggest cotton, a natural material, allows subtle energy currents to descend from the crown of the head to earth in the practice of a yogasana.

  • 61cm x 183cm (approx.)

  • Reversible

  • 5-6mm Thick (approx.)

  • 2kg

  • Machine Washable - cold water / line dry