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Our Journey

Evolving Wellness, Anchored by Heritage

For more than a century, EMP has evolved from its humble beginnings in electric motor servicing to becoming a leader in non-slip solutions and Australia's premier destination for yoga and fitness. Even as we expanded into the wellness realm in 1984, we've upheld the tradition of quality and innovation that first defined us, continuing to supply essential non-slip rubber components and safety matting. Throughout our journey, our family's small business touch remains evident—every product and interaction reflects our commitment to personalized service.

Our History
Our Commitment

Our Commitment to Excellence

At EMP, we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional blend of superb quality at fair prices, a testament to our sustained relationships with both suppliers and customers. Our approach ensures that the outstanding service we deliver is reflective of the premier products we carry.

EMP represents more than a retailer or wholesaler; we are a dedicated ally in your wellness journey, providing a curated selection of esteemed brands including Manduka and Jade Yoga, as well as our private label and other acclaimed lines.

As specialists in non-slip products, we've become the premier provider in the fitness and wellness space. Contact us for any specific needs - our aim is to equip you with personalised, cost-effective solutions. Rest assured, safety is paramount, with many items featuring enhanced non-slip or fire-resistant capabilities to support a secure and fulfilling wellness experience.

Caring Through Commerce

Making a Difference Together

When you shop with EMP, your purchases do more than enhance your wellness routine—they support vital causes and communities. By choosing brands like Beech Yoga Sandals®, yogitoes®, and Jade, you're contributing to the fight against Alzheimer's, breast cancer, and more, while championing sustainability with Trees for the Future. Closer to home, we're committed to giving back to Australian charitable organizations, whether that means financial support, donating supplies at cost, or providing essential items for appeals free of charge. Your choice to shop with us extends goodwill far beyond our store, touching lives and supporting vital initiatives across the globe.

Explore the History of EMP

In the early 20th century, EMP's mastery in rubber for machine components garnered a reputation for lasting and reliable solutions. Evolving with time, this expertise now fuels a holistic line of fitness and wellness products, each designed to enhance the well-being journey of our customers.


1910s / EMP's Founding:

Founding of EMP in Bozhedarovka, Ukraine by Jacob Taft, specialising in the servicing and rewinding of electric motors and implementing durable rubber lagging techniques which would set the benchmark for quality and craftsmanship in the years to follow.


1920s / Migration and Expansion:

The Taft family migrates to Australia, where Jacob re-establishes EMP with an expanded focus, not only maintaining its core competency in electro-mechanical products but also beginning to introduce new manufacturing capabilities including the production of firearm breechblocks for World War II.


1930s / Diversifying Products

EMP begins to diversify its offering with the production of non-slip roller coverings for textile machinery. This innovation demonstrates the company's commitment to safety and efficiency, qualities that would eventually permeate its consumer product lines.


1970s / The Next Generation:

Adrian Blashki, Jacob's visionary grandson, infuses new energy into the company. With his coming, EMP strengthens its commitment to maintaining the family legacy while innovating for the future.


1980s / A New Leader:

Adrian Blashki assumes leadership as Managing Director after the retirement of his grandfather, Jacob Taft. His leadership heralds an era of modernisation, ensuring EMP continues to thrive and expand its product range to meet new market demands.


1990s / Growth and Relocation:

EMP moves to a new, larger location in Malvern, marking a strategic expansion of both the company's premises and product lines. This shift leads to the inclusion of consumer-focused wellness products, such as high-quality yoga mats and safety matting.


2000s / Sustainable Innovation:

The company commits to eco-friendly practices by adopting sustainable materials in product development. EMP's new green initiatives reflect a corporate responsibility to environmental sustainability while preserving product performance.


Present / Legacy and Innovation:

EMP today stands as a paragon of a successful family enterprise that has spanned over a century, showcasing a solid tradition of quality and a forward-thinking approach. It continues to offer a wide assortment of eco-conscious fitness and wellness products, celebrating a long history of expertise and a dedication to future generations.