Custom Printing on Mats

Custom Printed Yoga Mat with EMP Logo Custom Printed Yoga Mat with stripes Custom Printed Yoga Mat with EMP Logo

Why not show off your logo or artwork, to further brand your studio while building trust and recognition with your students.

At EMP, we can arrange to have your Yoga Mats personalised, screen print branded with your logo, web address etc to suit your professional or personal needs.

This is great for marketing and obviously stops theft in gyms etc. There are minimums involved and they more mats you print, the more economical it will become for you.

Set Up:
If you have your own artwork, generally an EPS file is best, a PDF may be ok, we will need to check it first.

One color print is the cheapest, but we can do full color printing if required. Multiple images are in the same one price, it is only the colors that increase the price. Of course you can mix and match mat colors to suit your needs. If Pantone colors are not provided we will try to match to the closest Pantone colors available. We can only print solid colors (color at 100% density). Due to the printing process used, gradients and shades are not possible.

Ad Placement

Mats can usually be printed on the entire mat up to 5cm from the border, although small logos are most popular. Whilst the printing is durable, something to consider is that the printing does begin to wear off in the most used areas where hands and feet go, so it is best to put your design where the hands and feet do not go, along the middle somewhere, but that is up to you. The price does not usually vary with the size of your design. We can print up to within 5cm of borders.

We print all mats by hand and due to the yoga mats not being a flat surface it is difficult to get a even and consistent 100% print the same on every mat. specially over a large area. On small areas we can do a transfer print which gives the best quality but limited to a maximum size of 300mm x 300mm. When the print is large format we can only hand print as there is no other way.

Balls are printed with logos 100mm x 50mm and can be placed randomly around a ball. 

Lead Time

Depends on the number of colors and desired quantity, but usually 14 business days from the date of payment.

  1. Email your print-ready image and preferred mat placement for the image to

  2. Upon confirmation of order and payment, when we receive your artwork we will create the necessary art work and email it to you to review and approve before production. At that stage you can make minor changes, without costs - not too many please....

  3. Once you are satisfied, please email back your approval so we can get work underway.

Cost Estimate for Printing Only - price differs depending on mat purchased.

Small Print Area (55cm x 30cm) Full Mat Print (60cm x 180cm)
One Colour $385 plus  $9.00 per mat* $660.00 plus $11.00 per mat*
Two Colours $550 plus $10.00 per mat* $880.00 plus $13.00 per mat*

* Prices excluding GST

Printing jobs require a minimum of 20 Yoga Mats.

We only do printing jobs for Yoga Mats purchased through us and cannot print on mats you may already own.

Whilst the majority of our mats can be printed on, there are some exceptions. 

We cannot print on shiny balls, however our pilates balls can be printed on.

We have printed logos for these well known companies: BIO-OIL, CLARITEA, PROPEL, FIT SPACE, LIBRA, BERLEI, BREAST CANCER, GATORADE etc.


Let us know:

  • The mats you want

  • The quantity

  • Logo size (Small - 30cm x 50cm or Large Full Mat Print) 

  • How many colours are in the logo

  • Date required (please note there is a 3 week lead time for most print jobs)

  • Postcode

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