Anti Slip Tape / Roller Coverings



Rolltex Usages & Features

  • Self-Adhesive and non-adhesive
  • ROLLER COVERING for textile machinery
  • Wall bumpers in garages (PC Premium, refer to figure in the first box in the grid below), order below
  • Crash bumpers for trolleys (PC Premium)
  • High impact wall base liner (PC Premium)
  • Door frame protection kick plate
  • Footplates for wheelchairs, ergonomic seating footrests
  • Grip mitten linings (for wheelchairs, cricket gloves etc).
  • Sheets used for shooting jacket stability liners
  • Decorative - fancy belts, art etc

Drum and Pulley Lagging

A hygienic type roller covering known as N white PVC (pimpled) tape can be applied to the surface of driving drums for conveyors and elevators, drive pulleys on flat bed drives etc. Lagging these surfaces increases the friction between the belt and pulley and allows the belt to run at approximately 50% less running tension, thus reducing wear and the possibility of (permanent) stretch or damage to either surfaces.

A self-adhesive type is also available and offers the advantage of reduced maintenance downtime in stripping, cleaning and placement. It is particularly ideal in food and packaging industries e.g. cork is used in flexographic plastic film printing.


Rolltex Samples



Can be purchased as Rolls or Sheets


Lengths: 50m or 100m or pre-cuts

Widths: Usually 30mm to 1000mm

Backing: Non-Adhesive or Self-Adhesive

White N Pimpled
Cork Rolltex

 Temperature Resistance:



For both natural & synthetic rubber qualities:

  • -40℃ is marked in the technical papers.
  • Both qualities will get progressively harder  the lower the temperature and subsequently flexibility will decrease.
  • At the lowest possible temperature they will break when moved.



  • All break down at 70℃ so special glues have to be used over.


  • Generally resistant to 80℃ Natural Rubber:
  • Generally resistant to 100

Synthetic Rubber:

  • Generally resistant to 120℃, special types to 140


  • Generally resistant to 150


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