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Unveiling a world where premium quality merges with eco-responsibility. Welcome to EMP, where every choice is a step towards a sustainable future.

Spotlight: Eco Friendly Yoga Mats

Jade & Manduka

Discover Jade and Manduka yoga mats, where each mat supports not just your pose but the planet, crafted with sustainably sourced materials for a truly grounded practice.

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Embracing Nature in Every Product

From recycled materials creating supportive bolsters and blocks to soft towels derived from conscious sources, our accessories are about making a positive impact with every use.

Sustainable Sources

Our line of bolsters are filled with recycled textiles, supporting you while you support a greener planet.

Made from Recycled Water Bottles

Our range of Yogitoes yoga towels are made from recycled water bottles woven into 50% recycled poly yarn.

Natural Materials

We offer products in natural, renewable materials, like our blocks available in timber, cork and recycled EVA foam.


Beyond the Studio

Discover the beauty of sustainability that transcends the studio with our range of home and office products. Our eco-friendly polycarbonate chair mats offer a durable, stylish, and responsible choice for outfitting your modern home or proactive workspace.

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Collaborating for Sustainability

We diligently collaborate with suppliers who share our vision of sustainability, ensuring every product you choose from EMP is a testament to responsible sourcing and environmental stewardship.

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