Airex Balance Beam

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Airex Balance Beam
Regular price $217.80
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A secure footing is the starting point for physiotherapeutic and sports therapy efforts to regain an undisturbed walking or foot function.

The AIREX Balance Beam covers a wide range of applications as a therapy and training device. Due to its destabilising properties, it is used for the retraining of motor skills in rehabilitation, prevention and in recreational and competitive sports.

It enables the combined training of conventional and coordinative talents such as strength, endurance, differentiation and balance skills. Buzzwords such as proprioceptor training and kinesthetics are taken into account. Due to its specific characteristics, the AIREX Balance Beam is particularly suitable in the field of prevention and rehabilitation for

  • Balance training
  • coordination and reaction training
  • walking school
  • stance stability training
  • functional training of the musculature of the lower extremities
  • motor exercises to maintain balance in the case of e.g. age-related changes in the musculature and skeletal apparatus.


    • High efficiency
    • Optimal unstable stimulation through unique foam composition
    • More Safety
    • Joint and spine relief due to excellent damping properties
    • Multifunctional
    • Indoor, outdoor and in water
    • Varied functional training

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