Airex Coronella 200 Mat (Factory Second)

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Airex Coronella 200 Mat (Factory Second)
Regular price $135.30
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The material specially developed for the Airex Coronella is exceptionally dimensionally stable. At the same time, the sports mat can still be discretely rolled up and stowed away at any time.

Airex Coronella is part of the standard equipment of first-class gyms and sports clubs and is used by personal trainers. It was developed in collaboration with athletes and therapists and fully meets their requirements.


  • Size: 60cm x 200cm x 15mm
  • Weight: 2.6kg

Factory Seconds

The AIREX Factory Seconds provide the same great comfort as the store-ready Airex Pilates Mats at a discounted price due to their minor imperfections and markings.

These mats still provide great comfort and support on all flooring types and they are perfect for post-workout reclining stretches.

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Please note that Factory Second colours are subject to availability


  • Ultimate comfort: insulating, soft, warm with excellent high damping properties
  • Highest security: optimal stretch, flat-lying, robust, non-slip with rounded edges
  • For In- and Outdoor use: weather-resistant
  • Longevity
  • Hygienic: Sanitised treatment and easy to clean
  • Closed cell foam construction

    AIREX use a unique technology for all products to prevent build-up and breeding of bacteria or fungus. This is to grant you complete hygiene protection.

    Please note: You may notice some white powder on the back side of Airex's Mats, this is industrial talcum. It's necessary during the expanding process, when the mats expand in the oven. These prevent the mat to glue to the oven and are absolutely harmless. This could leave the mats back side slightly brighter.

    The powder (talcum) is best removed with hot cloth. It however will not entirely disappear. During the expenditure of Airex mats, when the mats are heated in the oven, the talcum actually enters into the pores of the mat, so a slight discoloration (of the back side of the mat) will always be visible. In order to get the anti-slippery effect, we advise washing away any remaining talc. On the mat's reverse, the talcum will, nevertheless, be apparent. Most of the time, it resembles dust but cannot be avoided. With this, you can always tell which side of the mat is the front top side.

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