Airex Hand Trainer

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Airex Hand Trainer
Regular price $13.20
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With the Airex Hand Trainer, you strengthen the muscles of the fingers, hand, and arm. Due to its special anatomical shape, the Airex Hand Trainer fits very well in the hand.

During use, the Airex Hand Trainer can be pressed with individual fingers or the entire hand. This allows you to individually train the finger muscles or the entire hand muscles. By repeatedly squeezing the arm trainer with the whole hand, the forearm and upper arm muscles are additionally activated.

The Airex Hand Trainer can be used in various areas. Due to its foam material, the hand trainer is also ideal for beginners, patients, or seniors. In therapy, the hand muscle trainer is used in occupational therapy and physiotherapy. It is ideal for muscle building, hand-eye coordination, and improving movement. It improves grip strength in surfers, climbers, tennis players and in rehabilitation. In addition, the hand trainer is very suitable for reducing stress.

Use the product in everyday life while watching TV, reading, or in the office. It can be squeezed anytime and anywhere. For other hand trainers that require more exertion, you can find them in the Therapy Supplies or Fitness categories.


  • Foam hand trainer
  • Foam thickness: 2.5 cm
  • Dimensions of hand trainer: 12 x 6 cm


  • Finger and forearm trainer
  • Anatomical hand shape
  • Resilient, sturdy, and durable


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