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Coverguard Clear Table Protector - Per Metre

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Width: 137cm
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  • SKU: RTCG/CLEAR/137/20C
Coverguard Clear Table Protector - Per Metre
Coverguard Clear Table Protector - Per Metre
Regular price $16.50
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Protects your cloth as well as your table. Lets you see the beauty of the table or decorative cloth while keeping it clean. Wipes clean with ease, simply cuts to shape and can be used on any table.

We do not recommend long periods of use without a periodical wipe with a damp rag in between surfaces. Stain resistant, Easy care. Free from lead, cadmium and AZO dyes.

Problem with creases? If it is a warm day, hang from a clothesline, gravity can help. A few minutes blowing with a warm hair dryer on low setting and smooth over with your hand, not for too long or it will disintegrate. You could also hot iron without steam for just a few seconds with a pillow case in between. You could also place the whole cloth in a clothes dryer on a low/delicate setting and check in 1 minute intervals, no longer. Superclear .2mm thick.

Coverguard Clear White Table Protector

  • Table Pad fits any size and trims to any shape
  • Grips both sides without tying down
  • Will not slide off from children's or other pulls
  • Restaurants use in conjunction with linen on top to give a 'double linen finish' to the table. Soft padding under customer arms etc.
  • Non-allergenic, wipes clean, sanitised, will not crumble or fray
  • Economical - extension table length can be draped for short position
  • Soft flat surface ideal desk top protector for writing, painting etc
  • Suitable for lacquered surfaces with proper care
  • Prevents damage from spills, stains, heat, ornamental falls & scratching
  • Excellent over glass
  • For long term use polished tables need to breathe and should be occasionally wiped with a damp rag
  • Full rolls for retailers, restaurants, or pre-cuts for individual customers.

Both table cloth underlays are:
easily cut to size, firm, non-slip, waterproof, form and temparature resistant at 80°C max.

There are 3 different types of Coverguard Table Protector: (please see details below).
STANDARD - non-slip both sides total protection from pulls, for tables up to 220cm wide
DELUXE - non-slip top with soft fleece base for very long terms use on valuable polished finishes
 - see through displays the beauty of table finish

Please note that there might be slight variations in the patterns that are manufactured depending on sizes and time of the year.

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