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Coverguard Standard Table Protector - Full Roll

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Width: 130cm
Length: 15m
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Coverguard Standard Table Protector - Full Roll
Coverguard Standard Table Protector - Full Roll
Regular price $202.95
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To an adult a tablecloth is a decorative, protective cover for a table. To toddlers it is something to tug.

It's not difficult to imagine what could happen if teapots and cups are left close to the edge of the table - or if you are jolted while drinking a cup of coffee with a small child sitting in your lap. A non-slip table protector pad is a must to secure your table cloth from sliding and to ensure your table is safe from spills.

Coverguard White Table Protector: PVC - up to 220cm wide - 2.5mm thick

  • Table Pad fits any size and trims to any shape
  • Grips both sides without tying down
  • Will not slide off from children's or other pulls
  • Restaurants use in conjunction with linen on top to give a 'double linen finish' to the table. Soft padding under customer arms etc.
  • Non-allergenic, wipes clean, sanitised, will not crumble or fray
  • Economical - extension table length can be draped for short position
  • Soft flat surface ideal desk top protector for writing, painting etc
  • Large width up to 220cm for boardroom table use
  • Suitable for lacquered surfaces with proper care
  • Prevents damage from spills, stains, heat, ornamental falls & scratching
  • Excellent over glass
  • For long term use polished tables need to breathe and should be occasionally wiped with a damp rag
  • Full rolls for retailers, restaurants, or pre-cuts for individual customers.

Both table cloth underlays are:
easily cut to size, firm, non-slip, waterproof, form and temparature resistant at 80°C max.

There are 3 different types of Coverguard Table Protector:

STANDARD - non-slip both sides total protection from pulls, for tables up to 220cm wide

DELUXE - non-slip top with soft fleece base for very long terms use on valuable polished finishes

 - see through displays the beauty of table finish

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