Dr. Cohen's Heatable AcuPads

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Dr. Cohen's Heatable AcuPads
Dr. Cohen's Heatable AcuPads
Regular price $126.50
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Dr. Cohen's Heatable AcuPads are the result of 15 years of research and clinical experience.
Great for relaxation and light muscle & joint release, these self-care tools work on a variety of different body parts and muscle groups to sooth you 100% naturally.

Use your AcuPads in bed, on a chair, in the bath, while traveling or on your yoga mat! Be creative - the possibilities are endless!

Heatable by microwaving for 2 minutes or boiling for 15 minutes for 2 hours worth of soothing heat!

  • Comes in sets of 2 so you can use them simultaneously around different areas of the body and spine.

  • Incredible for relaxation & release

  • Suitable for use when sitting in a chair, on a carpeted surface or on a yoga mat

  • Help align and fix your posture - sit straighter while reducing lower back strain

  • No need to fill or empty ever


Suggested Uses:

Place the AcuPads where needed & relax for at least 3 minutes letting the weight of your body do the work. No effort is required! And no time limit exists! Rest & relax for as long as necessary. These pads will also help you tp drift off to sleep and acheive a deeper sleep.

Improving Posture
Place the AcuPads underneath you on a chair. Placing one pad underneath each buttock or placing the pads horizontally behind your back aligning your spine with the recessed groove running across the AcuPad will help to align your posture and enable you to sit up straighter all the while reducing lower back strain.

Relieve Sore Feet
Stand on your AcuPads using them at room temperature (this makes them much harder). The hardness will help to release the pressure in tight feet. For a softer massage/release you can heat the AcuPads.

Spinal Release
While laying down in bed, on a carpeted surface or your yoga mat, place one AcuPad under your neck and the other AcuPad under your mid to low back (wherever feels nicest) Center the Spine Align Belt (recessed groove that run across the pads) anywhere throughout your spine. The combination of using two AcuPads together relaxes the nervous system allowing your spine to release.

Period Pain
Laying on your front, place both heated AcuPads undeneath your pelvis and stomach area adjusting as needed. Relax and take deep breathes letting the soothing heat sensation penetrate and relax the area.

Hand Warmers
Heat them up and take them anywhere you go!

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