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Friedola Extra (Traction Eco) Thick Mat - X-Wide

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Colour: Navy
Length: 176cm
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  • SKU: RTYM/EX/DBLUE200/81077/45C-176CUT/4.06KG
Friedola Extra (Traction Eco) Thick Mat - X-Wide
Regular price $157.74
Sale price

The original and still the best traditional asana yoga mat from the same manufacturer as the VB & Maha mats in Germany. This non-slip sticky Oeko-Tex Classic Yoga Mat "EXTRA" is a high quality non slip mat offering a good balance of cushioning and excellent grip whilst remaining easy to roll up, carry and is machine washable at 40°C. European Oeko-Tex Yoga Mats are made in accordance with strict environmental regulations which minimise the impact of their production on the environment.With its orange peel like texture, excellent traction and toxic-free durability, even when moist, this long life mat will provide years of mat longevity for your practice.

EXTRA mats have a raised texture which provides superior traction. Whereas general sticky mats have a texture only on one side and that wears out first, these EXTRA mats are textured both sides so the mat will last twice as long using both sides.

Linen fibres add to the durability and comfort of this long life mat while helping maintain stickiness even when moist. These mats are porus which means that the grip increases as time goes on. EXTRA traction mat soaks up sweat to stay grippy (rather than slip like the smooth grip types). Ideal for Bikram / Hot Yoga.


176cm x 200cm Mat (Most Popular)

187cm x 200cm Mat

200cm x 200cm Mat

214cm x 200cm Mat

Product Features:

  • Suits any floor type, easy carry
  • Thickness: approximately 5mm
  • Stretch resistant membrane retains shape in any pose
  • Safety and support without the stick
  • Sturdy and light. Approximate minimum Weight of Yoga Mat: 1500g 
  • Excellent grounding in standing poses
  • Ideal bedside mat for the disabled (see review section at bottom of page)
  • Good durability, density and non-slip resistance (wet and dry)
  • Sturdy, very strong mat for studio work.
  • Yoga Mat Material Base Fabric: 79% Cotton, 21% PES 
  • Rolls can be cut with household scissors
  • Mats are washable at 60C max
  • Bacteria and mold resistant. Latex free. 
  • Resistant to lint
  • Nil odor
  • An initial wipe with a damp cloth will liven up the non-slip properties and the more it is used, the better the grip will be
  • As with all mats, non-slip performance is further enhanced by cleaning with our MAT REMEDY

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