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Landolt Floorliner Absorb - Per Metre

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Width: 100cm
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  • SKU: RTFLOA100X50/14K
Landolt Floorliner Absorb - Per Metre
Landolt Floorliner Absorb - Per Metre
Regular price $15.40
Sale price
Most popular uses: Puppy training Pads / Waterproof Bed Pads

This training protection liner is ultra absorbent - spill-proof / waterproof , strong, environmentally friendly and easily disposable. The best training Liner ever, padded and non-slip. Strong enough, it is made for use on industrial building sites to soak up spilled paints on expensive new flooring and furniture.

Ideal for added protection against moisture and stains for beds, chairs, sofas etc to assist with accidents for the infirm and those suffering incontinence. You can wash it out, reuse or simply throw it away ecologically. For use under sink and other wet areas.

On a bed the pad lies conveniently on top of your sheet or placed directly on top of your mattress for mattress only protection. Ends middle of the night problems of bedding changes and stops moisture from damaging your expensive sheets, duvet or mattress.

Protective disposable nonwoven with adhesive coated base to stay in place.

Cut size to suit and shape to area.

Human Uses:
  • Traveling
  • Ambulance transportation
  • Camping
  • Excursions
  • Under bedding (linen protection)
  • Commodes
  • As bedside mats etc
  • Line car seats
  • Many more!

Animal Uses:
  • Hygienic
  • Reduces or eliminates pets tracking on floors in your home.
  • Cut exact size to suit pet box cages
  • Crates
  • Kennels
  • pet carriers etc.
Easy positioning and stays in place - made for heavy trampling by builders shoes, ladder drags etc. Perfect for dogs and puppies that are confined indoors for long periods of time, or travelling in cars.

Has top and bottom barrier. Three ply non-woven material soaks spills in and stays trapped inside and stops them soaking right through. The underlying surface stays safely protected and dry.

Environmentally compatible (free of harmful substances, thermally disposable)

REUSABLE - Simply spray with a non-aggressive home cleaner, rinse out and lay to dry all in one minute.
  • Top layer Safely absorbs paint, dirt and other liquids without transfer to floor.
  • Impervious Centre integrated moisture barrier without film to stop soak through
  • Tacky Base - Opticoat adhesive stops sliding (lift easily to re-use)
  • For all dried floor surfaces (please check if stone needs to dehumidify)
  • Ideal on wood, vinyl, carpet, ceramic, laminex, slate and concrete.
  • Also will absorb mud as entrance matting, cooking oils by or under a sink, chemicals in labs, waste in pet cages whilst travelling.
  • Water absorbtion: Holds up to 450 gm / sq mtr.

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