Posture Therapy Multi-Positioning Tower

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Posture Therapy Multi-Positioning Tower
Posture Therapy Multi-Positioning Tower
Regular price $253.00
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Since TherapyZone designed and introduced the Multi-Positioning Tower in March of 2005, it has become an important piece of equipment in posture and alignment clinics worldwide, and in the homes of tens of thousands of satisfied clients.

Formerly sold by us as Egoscue

  • The MULTI-POSITIONING TOWER is the most crucial component of Posture and Alignment Therapy and Egoscue Method equipment. It is known as the "Bread and Butter of Posture Therapy."
  • It REALIGNS the location of our joints so that the muscle groups may perform properly and achieve complete range of motion.
  • It assists in REDUCING PAIN in the body, improving BALANCE, REEDUCING the spine to its natural curvature, and PROMOTING thoracic and knee extension. Any bad posture habit we develop over the day will RELIEVE and REVERSE. It is meant for everyone.
  • It comes with 1 SINGLE FOOT PEDAL and 1 DOUBLE FOOT PEDAL. A rubber NON-SLIP surface provides a secure grip. It must be assembled. It is THICK, STURDY, and VERY STABLE.
  • FOOT PEDALS IMPROVED, updated and better built single and double foot pedals. The two lineal fabric strips link better (the rough part named hook- "tiny hooks" and the soft part called loop- "tiny hairs"). The straps can be adjusted.


Dimensions: 26″H x 13″W x 4″L
(66cm x 33cm x 10cm)
Weight: 11 lbs.
(approx. 5.3kg)

We do not coat the Multi-Positing Tower with a finish, which is not necessary for how the Multi-Positing Tower is used and helps us keep the price down.  If you choose, you can use it as is, or apply a finish that will match your decor.

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