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Rukket Weight Pitching Ball

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Rukket Weight Pitching Ball
Rukket Weight Pitching Ball
Regular price $13.86
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  • Baseball and softball strength and power training help players feel the drive of the bat through the ball.

  • Instant Feedback: Find out right away if you hit a home run or a strike!

  • Flight Capacity: Practice without a batting nett in small areas or in limited space.

  • Best Practice: Use with front toss, but can also be used for side toss and tee work.

  • Rukket Weighted Ball: Each ball weighs 0.5kg and has a diameter of 7cm.

Increase Arm Strength
Our weighted balls weigh 0.5kg, making them the ideal weight for increasing arm strength while remaining light enough to avoid putting unnecessary strain on your arm and tendons.

Instant Feel Off The Bat
Following contact, the ball will either fly true for a few yards or spin off in the shape of an egg. You'll immediately know if your swing is true or if you need to make adjustments to get that pure feel.

Practice in any location
The balls are heavy enough and absorb enough impact to allow you to practise almost anywhere. No more searching for a safe practise area or chasing real balls around a park.

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