Samten Sun Inflatable Meditation Cushions

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Samten Sun Inflatable Meditation Cushions
Regular price $66.00
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The Inflatable Samten Sun Cushion / Zafu is a super convenient, lightweight cushion that enables to you stop and meditate wherever you may be. They feature a 2-chamber system that is easily adjustable to suit your most comfortable height and by inflating the bottom chamber first, the cushion remains stabilized during your practice and will not move or distract you.

These cushions can be used as a meditation cushion, a spine-relieving chair pad or a travel cushion for extra comfort.

Space Saving
Samten Sun is extemely light with a weight of only 290grams and at the same time it is as flat as a frisbee. As a result, it takes up very little space in your luggage.

Perfectly Fitting
Samten Sun is suitable for al sizes thanks to its variable height adjuatment from 5cm to 20cm and is therefore the perfect companion for every meditator.

Samten Sun has a perfect stability thanks to its 2-chamber system, which is ideal for longer sitting sessions

Medically Healthy
Samten un has also proven itself as a spine-relieving chair support, since the inflatable meditation cushion acts like an air cushion.

  • Diameter approx. 30cm

  • Height adjustable from 5cm to 20cm

  • Approx. 290grams

  • 120kg weight limit

  • Easy to clean, hand wash only; not suitable for washing machines

  • When not inflated, they are flat like a frisbee - can be stored anywhere!

  • Air suspension automatically brings you back to the centre

  • Well suited for long sitting sessions

  • Cover: Flock PVC (velvet-like surface) Underside: PVC

  • Available in Black (Samten 2.0)

Please note that Samten Sun Cushions are not suitable if you cannot touch the ground with your knees! Be sure to adjust the cushions air capacity to safely sit in a proper position.

Please note that there may be minor model variations.

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