Speed Training Parachute

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Speed Training Parachute
Speed Training Parachute
Regular price $16.50
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Power Para Chute helps improve explosive speed, stride length, acceleration, agility,
frequency and allows for overspeed training with resistance at the same time. Helps develop a faster start. Low impact resistance, helps training for running drills, skating, football, cycling.

Fabric is light weight, tear resistant, all weather type.
Resistance approx 10kg. Dimension approx 120cm x 120cm

Features of the Power Parachute:

  • Quick release chute opens during training runs for resistance
  • Produces drag which increases with speed
  • Built in mesh panels means that there are no strings to entangle
    and the chute is stabilised during runs so reducing shifting.
  • Velcro clip harness belt allows for mid-stride release
  • You can train with speed in any direction including curves
  • Increase acceleration, continued speed and charge with confidence
  • Easily folds down to fit in delivery pack 21cm x 14cm x 7cm

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