Trigger Point Stress Ball

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Colour: Red
Resistance: Light
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Trigger Point Stress Ball
Regular price $13.20
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These Lacrosse Balls are the perfect little prop to keep in your gym bag or handbag or backpack.
Lightweight and available in two different densities; rolling these balls on and around sore muscles can help release built up tension and help to improve function in sore areas.

  • 72mm diameter
  • Increase range of motion in joints

  • Improve muscle performance

  • Perfect for your post-workout cool down

  • Roll them under your feet

  • Roll against a wall to massage back, shoulders and glutes

Red - Light 
(approx. .13kg)
Slight amount of give in the balls resistance. More suitable for really sore muscles that need something a little softer.

Yellow- Heavy (approx. .15kg)
High density solid lacrosse ball. No amount of give.

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