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Yoga Jellies

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Yoga Jellies
Regular price $106.70
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Yoga Jellies are the original 5.5-inch flexible, easy-to-clean pads that offer cushioning and stability whenever and wherever you need it — for yoga and beyond.

Benefits for Physical Therapy and Yoga Practice Enhancement:

  • Improve core stability, balance, proprioception, and strength

  • Dynamic core stability is improved through a progressive series of positions/postures

  • Balance is challenged (improved) during activities in quadruped, kneeling, and standing

  • Proprioception is facilitated for the ankle, knee, shoulder, and back

  • Strength increases in all stabilizing muscles"

Knee Support
Many poses in yoga involve the knees as the point of contact with the ground. For some, this proves challenging. Knees are also a common site of discomfort. Whether you have nagging injuries, osteoarthritis, or are simply tight from a long week at the desk, your exercise is still your passion. The instant and convenient cushioning and support that YogaJellies provide helps alleviate or eliminate knee pain. Your knees will appreciate the relief, and you’ll be happy that you can focus on your practice.

Wrist Support
Wrist discomfort when you exercise can be a challenge to nailing that new pose or completing a tough workout. Our discs facilitate a careful and gradual approach to increasing wrist flexibility and strength by cushioning and supporting your body’s weight on these delicate and intertwining ligaments, tissues, and bones. YogaJellies help you feel rooted and stable, so you can focus on the whole body, not just the pain in your wrists.

Ankle & Arch Support
Flat feet and fallen arches can make standing poses challenging. If your foot type or ankle issues complicate the process of staying grounded, you’ll find YogaJellies to be a refreshing aid for safety and stability.

Hip Support
Despite regular exercise, too much sitting leads to shortened hip flexors and tight hamstrings. While yoga and exercise can help stretch, strengthen, and repair the damage caused by sitting, the extra support that YogaJellies provide can help eliminate your contact with the ground and associated lower back discomfort.

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