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Benefits and Uses of Yoga Blocks:

Yoga blocks help improve alignment while providing comfortable support. They are great for standing poses especially when one hand is on the floor (e.g. Ardha Chandrasana). Yoga Blocks are also suitable to sit on. There are various types (cork, foam, etc) and sizes of blocks avaible.

Yoga blocks are especially great for those who have recently started doing yoga, those who suffer from misalignment or those who may not be flexible enough to properly hold certain poses.

EMP yoga blocks provide you with strong support allowing your body to lean vertically and horizontally on the block. When used correctly they do not crumble or break. If you are a new yogi and are unsure what size to use please ask your yoga teacher (the bigger the yoga block, the bigger their support).

bridge over block


downward facing dog

reclined hero

seated twist

triangle pose

revolving triangle

side angle stretch

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