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Exercise Equipment:

The right exercise equipment can keep your body safe while whipping it into shape and quality exercise equipment can keep doing this for years to come. Whether you need a foam roller to help with stretching exercises, a medicine ball for strengthen training, an exercise ball or other Pilates equipment, resistance bands or a wobble board for core strengthening, we’ve got what you need.

Unfortunately, many people attempt to stretch without the aid of a foam roller. This can result in injury and strain. Others don’t realise the incredible workout maximising benefits of the medicine ball, wobble board, exercise balland Pilates equipment. By combining all these items, you can create a safe, effective workout that really focuses on those muscle groups you are most concerned with. And for those with joint problems, resistance bandscan hold the key to your overall fitness without the risk of joint pain, strain and damage. See our specialist range through viewing our ECO YOGA MATS and ECO YOGA PROPS SHOPrange.

These are SMALLER Props.

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