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ACS10 Air Circulation Mesh Mattress Underlay

Product Code: rtACS

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Stops damp & mould. For RV, Boat. Recumbent Bicycle seat mesh. Drainage Mesh. Takes 1000 Kg/sqm. From $1.20/cm



Save your mattress!

ACS10 Air Circulation Mesh helps to prevent:

  • Mouldy, wet bed sheets

  • Dampness & wet condensation under mattress and cushions

  • Mould stains and unpleasant odours and smells

Air Circulation Mesh helps to solve the problem of damp mattresses in boats and caravans where ventilation is poor and humidity is high.

Why does the mattress get damp?

During the night the body loses approximately half a litre of liquid through the skin and through breathing. Part of this will be absorbed by the mattress, which if laid on wood, plastic or a similar base, will limit the evaporation process and lead to things like stained mattresses and cushions, as well as creating an unpleasant smell.

If you find the side wall is damp as well, it is good idea to extend the underlay up that wall also.

ACS10 is unaffected by humidity. It does not absorb water and it will not rot. When placed between the mattress and the base it helps provide the means for circulation of tha air and so the mattress will stay dry.

ACS10 is a German made spun polymer that is raschel knitted into an open configuration. This ensures it will never unravel or pull apart. It is a firm, flexible, lightweight fabric. It is approximately 10mm thick which

Other Uses for ACS10:

  • Ventilated seat pad mesh - no more sweaty backs!

  • At home - under wet dishes on the kitchen sink

  • Pantry - under cans and metal containers to prevent rust

  • Washing - under wet garments laid flat

  • Marine - use around bilge pumps to prevent clogging

  • Inside / Outside - under wet muddy shows or snow boots

  • Wet areas - under wet ropes, sails, ice boxes etc

  • Surface protector - around fridges / freezers that tend to sweat and damage surrounding wood

  • Drains - pop over drain holes to prevent clogging

  • Fans - keep moths from being sucked in

ACS10 is strong and soft. An upper protection sheet is not necessary. And there is no odour to wash out!

Easy to cut with household scissors

Sizing & Pricing

Pre-Cut Pieces

Single Bed - Economy Size - 60cm x 210cm
($99.00 inc GST)

Single Bed - Wide Size - 80cm x 210cm
$110.00 ($121.00 inc GST)

Double Bed - Economy Size - 120cm x 210cm
($165.00 inc GST)

Double Bed - Wide Size - 140cm x 210cm
$170.00 ($187.00 inc GST)

Queen Bed - Economy Size - 140cm x 210cm
$170.00 ($187.00 inc GST)

Queen Bed - Wide Size - 160cm x 210cm
$190.00 ($209.00 inc GST)

Custom Cut Lengths

160cm Wide Custom Cut Length
$1.20 per centimetre ($1.32 inc GST)

210cm Wide Custom Cut Length
$1.50 per centimetre ($1.65 inc GST)

Full Rolls (10.5m)

160cm Wide x 10.5m Long
$609.00 ($669.90 inc GST)

210cm Wide x 10.5m Long
$756.00 ($831.60 inc GST)