AIREX Rehabilitation Mats

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Airex® material close-up
AIREX® Rehabilitation Mats

AIREX® Mats are premium yoga and pilates mats. They are not too hard, not too soft. The AIREX® foam is perfectly adapted to the individual applications. The energy is absorbed gently and evenly.


Everyone recognizes the AIREX® mats with the typical horizontal stripes - the original for 50 years and the clear number one amongst all therapeutic, sports and leisure mats. The wide range of experience, the know-how of the market leader and the Swiss premium quality are tangibly integrated into the development of all AIREX® products. Additionally, there is the valuable support from doctors, physiotherapists, fitness specialists, high-performance sportsmen and leisure sports organizations.

These mats are mostly used in the Physio & Rehabilitation environment because of their large size (200cm long). If you are looking for a mat to use predominantly during yoga, special yoga mats that provide more grip and stability are a better option.

All of these AIREX® mats have squared edges:


AIREX® Colours (availability depend on type - see table below):

Green Blue Red


AIREX® Mat Options & Prices:

Mat Type Dimensions Available Colours Price
Atlas 125cm x 200cm x 15mm Red, Green
$345.41 ($379.95 in GST)
Hercules 100cm x 200cm x 25mm Blue
$318.14 ($349.95 in GST)
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