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Balance Disc / Air Cushion

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From $15. TOUGH SKIN
won't easily puncture



Use as "mini-stepper" for exercises Use for meditation or to relieve pelvic floor pain Use it conveniently at work (usually 35cm diam) Use for balance training
Balance Discs and Air Cushions

New design ventilation balance cushion, has different functions on different sides. 

Balance Disc is used for dynamic ankle strengthening. Foot massage side of balance disc has raised pimples on the surface, it is suitable for dynamic sitting and a true alternative to the sitting ball.

The cushion can be used as a balance cushion to improve your sense of equilibrium, coordination, reaction and motor skills, it is also ideal for muscle exercise. Discs are durable.

Can be inflated or deflated to change level of stability.

Used for lying, kneeling, sitting, standing and stepping. Can be incorporated with other exercise equipment for workout and rehabilitation.

This balance disc can be used as mini stepper for exercise also for floating in swimming pool, car seat, on benches at sports events, aeroplanes etc.

You can adjust air by infalting and deflating the air thru the valve inside.
Maximum weight 200kg.

We have various types of Cushions available. Please see below:

Option 1: 35cm Diameter - Massage Surface (ONE SIDE)

Soft spikes on one side for massage or reverse it to use the smooth side.

Available in Green

Option 1a: 35cm Diamater - Massage Surface (BOTH SIDES)

Massage nodules on one side (like the green), with smaller nodules on the bottom also for a gentler massage.

Available in Blue

Option 2: 35cm Diameter - PVC FREE / Eco Friendly

Made from TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers) - eco friendly and recycled materials, this balance cushion has the same features as the regular 35cm cushion but helps protect the environment as well.
Smooth on one side, soft massage nodules on the other.

Available in Green

Option 4: 45cm Diameter - Balance Training

More difficult balance training is possible with this rounded base balance disc.
Smooth surface on both sides.

Please see pricing table below

Available in Blue

Option 5: 50cm Diameter - PVC FREE / Eco Friendly

High quality air cushion made from non-toxic materials. The larger diameter and height allows for a huge variety of exercises as both hands or feet can be comfortably placed on the cushion. Heavy duty feel with circular ribbing on one side and pimple grip on the other. Smooth surface on both sides.
50cm wide x 14cm high

Available in Blue

Option 6: 60cm Diameter - Big Cushion

Use nodule side up for kids to develop coordination and stimulate their feet.
Smooth surface on one side, massage nodules on the other.

Available in Blue

Pricing details:

Size/Type Ordered Quantity Range Price
35cm Diameter 1-2 Pieces $36.00 each
($39.60 inc GST)
3-10 Pieces $19.00 each
($20.90 inc GST)
11-49 Pieces $15.00 each
($16.50 inc GST)
50+ Pieces please enquire
35cm Diameter PVC Free All Quantities $49.00 each
($53.90 inc GST)
35cm Diameter Cushion w/ Cover All Quantities $36.00
($39.60 inc GST)
45cm Diameter 1-2 Pieces $36.00 ($39.60 inc GST)
$34.00 ($37.40 inc GST)
3-10 Pieces $25.00 ($27.50 inc GST)
$17.00 ($18.70 inc GST)
11-49 Pieces $22.50 ($24.75 inc GST)
$13.00 ($14.30 inc GST)
50+ Pieces please enquire
50cm Diameter PVC FREE All Quantities $59.00 each
($64.90 inc GST)
60cm Diameter Big Cushion
All Quantities

$50.00 each
($55.00 inc. GST)


Notice: Cushions are shipped uninflated.
They can be inflated by a special pump (
click here ) or at a local service station or bicycle shop.