Balance Pods & Domes (small & large)

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Body Rolling Foot Walking Wakers
Price from $6
- depending on ordered size and quantities

The Balance Pods come in 2 different sizes:

Size Small: Balance Pod - 17.5cm diam

The non-slip balance pods combine balance training and motor skill development. Just place them on the ground in any pattern and step from one to another.

Either place the flat side up for a basic training or pebble side up for more challenging training.

Size Large: Balance Dome - 33cm diam

The large Balance Dome can be used either flat side up or pebble side up, depending on your skill level. The textured surface can also be used for rehabilitation and massaging purposes.

Ideal for single foot proprioceptor exercise, and strengthening ankles.

Stepping from one to another can help fine tune motor skills.

Can be used either side up, the spiky side down for more challenging movements or the flat side down for general use and to keep feet from slipping durting exercise..

The smaller colorful air-filled Balance pots can be arranged in different stepping patterns for personal training, rehabilitation or youth programming.

The larger Balance dome create more instability and difficulty.

Use them much like a foot roller for stimulating and relaxing the feet also to stand on to work the muscles of the feet to gain strength and improve balance. Feel the blood move up and energise the rest of your body. Great with tired feet in the evening. Use under hands in yoga positions such as downward dog to increase flexibility across the hand (also helps in carpal tunnel syndrome treatment).

Burst resistant up to 300 lbs. Soft PVC. Blue. 33cm diam.x 22cm H.
Ships inflated. Sold individually. Air pumps sold separately.   

Pricing details:

Size Colour Price
Balance Pod Small - 17.5cm diam assorted colours Buy 1-11: $9.00 each ($9.90 inc GST)
Buy 12+:  $6.00 each ($6.60 inc GST)
Balance Dome Large - 33cm diam blue $19.00 each ($20.90 inc GST)
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