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Becalm BackBalls

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BackBalls are a self-help device based on osteopathoic and craniosacral therapy principles. They are designed to provide release of tension and pain by requesting a gentle lengthening to restricted regions in the back and neck. BackBalls can be used at the base of your head, along your entire spine and at your sacrum (bottom of the spine) - wherever you are struggling with tension or pain. Many people are combining the stillpoint effect of Becalm Balls with BackBalls for a head-to-toe experience of profound relaxation and renewal. 

For general back pain, tension or stiffness...

Use backballs by laying down and placing them lengthwise and centere along your spine, Lay on a bed, mat or the floor - wherever you feel most comfortable.

The central area o fthe Back Balls is designed to be comfortably firm. When placing them under your back, position the centre of the unit under the area where you feel the most stiffness or tightness. Lay back and take a few deep breaths. If you choose to use a pillow under your head while laying on the BackBalls, their pressure will feel gentler. Using BackBalls on a bed or mat also produces a gentler effect, while some prefer to intensify the release by raising the BackBalls on a book, or using them on a harder surface.

When used along the thoracic spine (behind chest area), BackBalls also assist individual restricted ribs. The width of BackBalls is designed to move restricted ribs outwards and help free up the corresponding area of the spine.

For headaches and upper body tension...

For headaches and other tensions in your upper body, place BackBalls with the top edge nestling upward against the underside of the base of your skull. By adjusting the placement you can choose the amount of pressure and stretch that feels most comfortable and effective. This gentle stretch will lengthen your head and neck and offer a safe decompression to the cervial vertebra and the base of the skull. Once you lay back, a few deep breaths feels good and assists the stretch.

When using BackBalls at your low back or sacrum, you may want to place your feet flat on the ground or use a pillow behind your knees. Play with it a little to find the position of greatest ease.

Your body's feedback...

It's common to first feel a brief intensification of your symptons or restrictions before a release occurs. This is a normal dynamic due to the initial stretching assistance  of the BackBalls. If the unit continues to feel too intense and release does not happen within a few breaths, raise your head more (onto a pillow) or move to a softer surface. BackBalls are designed to provide relases that feel good.

Experience from our suppier..

Recently a very symptomatic new client left with the usual set of the Becalm Balls but enough BackBalls to cover the length of her spine. When she returned 5 weeks later, I was astounded at the changes in her. Her whole nature, demeanour and presentation had changed. It was truly unbelievable as to how much movement forward she had gained. A significant reduction in pain, increase endurance, improved mobility and a hopefulness re-ignited. 

Since then, I am providing additional sets to some of my very challenged patients who already own two BackBall sets and a Becalm set. The feedback will now have me suggesting it more. 

Also noteworthy: 

The Becalm Balls were in the Wall Street Journal in November. LINK HERE. It was great to get the endorsement, by placement alone; and it was also a positive article

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