Antibacterial Yoga Mat

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This CLEAN Yoga Mat is an innovative yoga mat with antimicrobial properties built right into the mat to prevent the growth of bacteria. This yoga mat is one of the stickiest, thickest 6.2mm mats available today. The CLEAN yoga mat stays fresher longer because it provides an important protective barrier between you and potentially harmful bacteria that may reside on an unprotected mat. Our customers like this CLEAN yoga mat for intense yoga like Bikram, Hot Flow Yoga and Ashtanga. This superior CLEAN yoga mat will offer you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your yoga practice without worrying about harmful germs. And because of its high quality and antimicrobial properties, this mat will last longer than most standard foam yoga mats.

Antimicrobial Deluxe Mat is an open cell super sticky yoga mat made with an added layer of ionic silver, which is resistant to bacteria and helps eliminate odors. Plus, this eco yoga mat is made from PVC and is latex-free. The ionic silver inhibits the growth of bacteria from sweat. Depending on how you define natural to synthetic, it is a non chemical process using a natural ingredient.

Choose from several classic colors. Reward yourself with this extra thick CLEAN Yoga Mat, and see why this mat is fast becoming the most popular yoga mat in yoga studios, schools, and fitness clubs!

  • Resists harmful bacteria and reduces odor
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Anti-bacterial properties will not wash away
  • Extremely durable, long-lasting, sticky surface 188cm x 60cm x 6.2mm


Dimensions Weight Available Colours Price
188cm long x
60cm wide x 6.2mm
1.2kg Black
1-9 mats: $32.00 each
($35.20 inc GST)

10+ mats: $27.00 each
($29.70 inc GST)
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