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Coccyx Cushion (3 in 1)

Product Code: rtyAfba/coccyx/pvcfree

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$28.00 ($30.80 inc GST)



  • This 3 in 1 Coccyx Cushion can be used as a normal sitting cushion to add height or padding to any seat, it also encourages you to sit up straight to improve posture

  • It can be used as a balance cushion to help you stabilise yourself for better balance and coordination as well as strengthening your core

  • This can also be used as a Coccyx Cushion to alleviate any pain or discomfort. Made from a PVC Free inflatable material, the cut out hole helps to relieve pressure on the tailbone or spine

  • Only available in Blue (as pictured)

Approx. Size 36cm x 34cm x 7cm High
(Height may vary due to the amount of air you require in the cushion)