Superlite Travel Mat 1.6mm

Product Code: rtYMNR1

Take it everywhere you go!

This super light Superlite eco yoga mat is great for carpeted areas.
It rolls or folds easily to fit in your bag, backpack or suitcase.

  • Rubber containing approx 1% latex
  • Superlight to carry, weight approx 1kg
  • Superlite yoga mat is great for travel
  • Closed cell design will not absorb bacteria
  • Effective grip, even with light perspiration
  • Free of PVC, toxic plasticizers and harmful dyes
  • Tightly woven scrim resists tearing or stretching
  • Approx size 60cm wide x 173cm long x 1.6mm thick

Cleaning: We recommend using one of our cleaners or a diluted organic cider vinegar wash (50/50) and a damp cloth or sponge. It is recommended that you DO NOT put the mat in the washing machine, as it will encourage the material to break down (biodegrade).

Storage: Do not leave the mat exposed to excessive amounts of sunlight. If wet, allow the mat to dry before rolling up. It is recommended that the mat be folded only when traveling; the mat is otherwise best stored rolled up.






Buy 1-9 mats: $59.00 each ($64.90 inc GST)

Buy 10+ mats: $49.00 each ($53.90 inc GST)

" I met a very famous Iyengar yoga teacher from Australia last month. He asked me do I know EMP? Told me you got great mat and showed me Extralite he brought. " Carrie

" What a fantastic mat to pack and travel with. Superlite to carry, folding is a breeze. Great birthday present for any yogi. " Rabah

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