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Jade ® Rubber Yoga Mat

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(Approx 1.5 to 8mm / 1 to 5 kg)



This Rubber Yoga Mat is made from dried natural rubber tree material Havea Brasiliensis - a renewable resource with a strong internal mesh.
As they are from a rubber tree, there may be trace amounts of latex proteins in the mats, so we recommend that people with latex allergies avoid contact with these mats.

Open Cell Rubber Ensures:

  • Optimum grip offering unequalled non-slip performance
  • Traction is incredible, even when wet from perspiration
  • Unmatched "compression set" resistance and shock absorption
  • Incomparable cushioning
  • Exceptional resilience & durability - will not tear, skid or buckle
  • Totally biodegradable
  • No need to break in, non-slip from the start. Rub your hand on any other mat and feel the difference!

Jade rubber is sourced mostly in Vietnam and Malaysia but manufactured in the United States in compliance with all US environmental and health and safety laws. All materials in this mat are approved by the FDA for use in rubber products in continuous contact with food and drugs. Contains no PVC, EVA, TPE, heavy metals or ozone depleting substances.

Jade participate in these altruistic programs:

  • Buy a Mat, Plant a Tree: Through "Trees for the Future" - every mat pays for one tree.
  • Color Causes: Donations up to $5 from each mat.
    Ovarian Cancer (Teal), Breast Cancer (Pink), Autism (Saffron).
  • Community Partners: Giving mats for Shelters, Hospitals, Rehab, Prisons, Schools and more.

Variance in batches
As we supply from different batches, colors may vary slightly. In comparison, darker colors sometimes (not always) appear more shiny when new until broken in a little, this process can be accelerated by wiping with diluted vinegar or washing with hot water and no soap.

Manufacturing is striving to progress to give you the best mat. Newer mats may appear slightly harder than in years past. This is due to a new reinforcing compound added to increase their durability.
##) Thickness: Being a blown natural product, please allow some tolerance in thickness (+/- 0.7mm)

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