Egg Shaped Blocks

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Egg Shaped Blocks (Rice Husk)

30% Rice Husk, 70% New Foam. Rice husk, a byproduct of rice production that would otherwise occupy landfills, creates a moisture barruer and a stress resistant, stronger block. EVA is a polymer that, blended with rice husk, creates the perfect balance of flexibility and strength, water-proofing and UV resistance. Dyes are heavy metal, azo, and lead free.Click here to view other Rice Husk Blocks!

Egg Shaped Blocks Blue / Purple (Foam)

Available Colours Price
Egg Block Orange Rice Husk 

$19.90 ea ($21.89 inc GST)

Egg Shaped Block Purple

$19.90 ea ($21.89 inc GST)

Egg Shaped Block Blue

$19.90 ea ($21.89 inc GST


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