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Egg Shaped Yoga Blocks

Product Code: rtYABkEI/blk/0.11p/0.69c

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$18.00 ($19.80 inc GST)



Yoga Blocks are a great way to improve your flexibility, your alignment and your overall form when practicing. They are great way to support yourself so that you are not overexerting yourself in certain positions. Egg Blocks can provide the exact same support and can be used exactly the same as a normal rectangular shaped block. The main difference between these types is that an egg shaped block when turned on it's side can allow for a little extra movement for your wrist through the rocking of the block. Perfect for those who find strain in the right angled positioning of your hand with normal blocks, these are always a good alternative so you can focus more on your practice and less on the pain.

Size: Approx. 30cm Long x 8cm High (on flat side) x 11cm (across middle)

Only available in Black (as pictured)