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EMP Gift Card Certificate

Product Code: rtyagift

International purchasers will receive a certificate to the net value without GST

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Do you want to treat someone for a special occasion? Gift certificates are a great idea for family, friends, work mates, birthdays, holidays, employee appreciation, prizes, or awards.

Are you looking for a perfect gift but do not exactly know what to get? EMP has the solution - simply purchase a Gift Certificate from us which allows your loved one to choose any items from our huge product range (yoga clothes & props, mats, anti-slip products, etc).

Available Amounts:


Purchase a Gift Certificate like any other product. Simply select the desired amount from the drop down list on the bottom of the page. One you are ready to checkout:

  • Ensure you specify the recipients details in the shipping details section of your order

The recipient can use our online shop or come to our office to select any items. Simply quote the order id when shopping online.

Note for Australian purchasers: The amounts that appear in the list below are excluding GST, therefore the amount seems less (e.g. $22.72 appears for a $25 Gift Certificate). This is due to the system applying GST on check-out. You will receive the value as chosen in the list below, so if you choose the option "$50 Gift Certificate" you will receive a $50 voucher, disregard the amount shown in brackets!