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ENSO Yoga/Meditation Clock and Interval Timer

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  • Revolutionary Yoga/Meditation Clock and Interval Timer
  • Balance Your Body
  • Free Your Mind
  • Live in the Now
Use the ENSO Interval Timer to guide your meditation sequence, taking you deeper, with subtle chimes to signal your transitions. The progress of the ENSO Ring brings timeless and expansive depth to your practice.
The ENSO Pearl provides inspirational support for your yoga practice. Enhance all aspects of your meditation, pranayama and asana practice by setting interval Timers that enable ease of flow between poses. As ENSO pearl takes over your timing, you can enjoy deeper connectionw ith your breath and inner wisdom and enhanced focus on your poses. Interval timers enhance your teaching by providing clear, yet gentle structure.
Enrich your therapeutic sessions with chimes that provide a subtle reminder - timing at your discretion. View the progress of your session with the ENSO Ring, eliminating the distraction of numbers. Give your body full attention during your Reiki practice - no more clock watching. Set the Repeat Timer to chime repeatedly after specified intervals of 90 seconds, 2 minutes, or any other duration you desire for your session.
The Power of Now
When practicing the teachings of Eckhart Tolle's 'Power of Now', use the ENSO clock Interval Timer as a reminder to check in to your level of awareness. Set the time intervals to maximise your call to presence.
Alarm Clock
The most beautiful alarm clock: Start your day the Zen way - wake to the gentle sound of Japanese or Tibetan chimes. Awake calm and refreshed - whether at home or on the road - the ENSO Pearl ensures a peaceful transition to conciousness.
How to use Enso for Yoga

To find out more about how you can use your Enso for yoga clock here and link to article How to use ENSO for Yoga



In the Box       

Enso Pearl

Convenient Carry Case

Quick-Start Guide

Welcome Guide

2-AAA Batteries 


Soothing Sounds

Tibetan Singing Bowl

Tingsha Bell

Moktok Blocks



Timer Function

Countdown Timer (Interval)

Countdown Timer (Repeat)

Count-Up Timer

 Intervals per Timer

Minimum: 1 Interval

Maximum: 50 Intervals

Timer Storage

3 Seperate Timers


Dark Grey rubber-coated plastic case

with pearl white colour accents


Diameter: 3.8 in. (9.7cm)

Height: 0.8 in. (2.1cm)

Weight 4.3 oz (120g)
Power 2-AAA Alkaline Batteries

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