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This Microfiber Yoga Towel is extremely lightweight, yet durable and quite absorbent. It helps keep you hygienic and slip-free on the mat. Ideal during hot yoga classes like Bikram, this large towel lies on top of your mat to provide added traction for sweaty palms and feet.

This microfiber towel is better than using ordinary cotton towels and dries faster also.

Made 75% polyester and 25% nylon.

  • 63cm x 175cm

  • Provides extra grip even when wet from sweaty hands and feet!

  • Ideal for Yoga & Gymnastics.

  • Adds comfort, safety and enjoyment to exercise

  • Hi-Tech eco friendly Micro-Split-Fibre towel. PVC free.

  • Stylish

  • Super soft feel, double cushion, suede like surface

  • Lint free for fresh air

  • Lightweight to carry, takes up minimum room in your luggage.

  • Instantly absorbs sweat

  • Machine washable

  • Non-Slip properties increase with dampness from sweat

  • The perfect companion for your mat.

  • Use as a meditation shawl to stay warm during cool sitting sessions

  • Use for travel and hiking

  • Machine wash your yoga towel separately in cold water. Ideal to quick dry outside or tumble dry on low setting.

Available in: PURPLE
$19.95 each ($21.95 inc GST)


"I am not sure why but I did not slip when I used this towel. It works well absorbing all the sweat from my feet and hands"