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High Density Fascia Release Ball

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Developed by The Art of Movement, the High Density Fascia Release Ball (aka, the Butt Ball) is the perfect tool for releasing and easing lower back pain, glute tightness, hip flexors and your chest & shoulders.

When using these balls, please be cautious of your coccyx.


10cm Diameter

350gram Weight

Very solid density

Please note colours are subject to availability

Instructions for Use:

  • Start at the origin

  • Push down gently, this will restrict your blood flow in the targetted area slightly

  • Hold for 20 - 30 seconds

  • And release!

  • Once released the targetted area will be rushed with blood and lots of wonderful sensations.

  • You can continue moving the ball across your body to help cover more area. Once you have rested on the ball in a particular spot, after a few seconds slowly move it on just next to where it was to help relieve larger muscles and zones.