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MANDUKA PROlite 4.7mm

Product Code: rtymm/pl

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The PROlite yoga mat is a fresh alternative for people who need a lighter, zero-waste mat with superior quality and comfort. Like its big brother the Manduka Mat PRO, The PROlite is all about performance, both in the studio and on the go. It is a favourite among Hot Yoga and Vinyasa Flow enthusiasts. Available in a variety of passion-inspiring colours, the PROlite gives you more choices and the same stellar Manduka results. It will enhance your practice and protect our planet. The PROlite has something that no other lighter-weight yoga mat can offer, a Lifetime Guarantee. The Manduka PROlite is built to go everywhere and do everything, just like the people who use it.


  • Great for Hot Yoga

  • Zero-waste, sustainable yoga mat

  • High performance in a lightweight form

  • Superior wear and longevity

  • Slip resistant, yet non-sticky, even when wet from perspiration

  • Travel-fiendly for the yogi on-the-go

  • OekoTex certified, emissions-free manufacturing

  • 100% latex free, and safe to use for people with latex sensitivies

  • Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee

Use and Care
To Store PROlite travel yoga mats: Roll your PROlite with the top side (fabric-finish) facing outwards. This keeps the corners of the mat flat when practicing.

To Break In: The surface texture of the Black Mat PRO improves with use. Our customers have found that the best way to "break in" their mat is to use it on a daily basis. Another trick is apple cider vinegar or to sprinkle coarse sea salt over your mat, use just a spritz of water or dampen with a cloth, scrub it down with a stiff scrub brush, and air dry in the sunshine.

To Clean: We recommend using Manduka Mat Renew or any non-solvent household cleaner and a damp cloth or sponge. Hang to dry in the sunshine. DO NOT clean your mat with a garden hose, put in the bathtub or shower, put it in the washing machine, or use a vacuum cleaner - it may break the machine and ruin your mat!

Green Mission
Manduka PRO series yoga mats, designed to last a lifetime (or two), curb the amount of PVC mats that enter landfills every year and reduces overall mat consumption. Also, during the manufacturing of most PVC products, toxic emissions may be released into the air. However, PRO series mats are manufactured through a process that ensures no toxic emissions are released into the atmosphere. The Pro series mats are certified safe for human contact by OEKO-TEX, an environmental certification agency in Europe for the textile industry.