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IYT Yoga Teacher's Toolbox

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The IYT yoga toolbox is a complete resource that gives mountains of practical information, including detailed instructions for well over 100 yoga poses and sequences, and from this base it takes you on a creative and multilayered journey through myriad possibilities for focused attention, chakra and dosha balancing, deep healing and the path to true inner freedom. Perhaps the most fantastic part of this resource is its generous spirit which offers a huge abundance of ideas for personal practice and for use in teaching. Any practitioner who wants a rich, deep full yoga practice will find much guidance in these pages for ways to craft their own explorations. 

The full color posture cards, which comprise the pages of this book, clearly illustrate each pose also giving information on the ayurvedic elements, prana vayus and chakras. Many modifications are given for people of differing physical types and lots of tips are given for ways to align each part of the body for full enjoyment of the posture. Mental focuses are also suggested for each pose as well as a list of benefits and contraindications. These deeply informative cards are bound in a laminated, hard 3 ring binder which lies flat easily for use during practice. The cards themselves are on sturdy paper stock and laminated for durablility. There are many ways to use the cards in creating sequences for personal practice and classes. Seventeen possiblilities are offered and many more can be devised. Creative yoga teachers and anyone wishing to add a deep dimension of spirit and healing to their own practice will love this uniquely useful resource.

Joseph Le Page is the founder and director of Integrative Yoga Therapy and the primary teacher in all IYT training programs in all locations. His approach to teaching has been influenced by Kripalu Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism as well as studies in India where he lived for two years. Joseph has traveled in more than a hundred countries studying ancient ways of wisdom and varied approaches to healing. During his master's degree work, he focused on experiential education and later saw that these principles of creative student centered learning could be applied to the teaching of Yoga. IYT is a vision that brings together Joseph's insights through his study of Yoga, experiences in healing arts and a vision of how to bring these together in a comprehensive and creative educational program.

Lilian Le Page has practiced yoga for 23 years and taught for 18. She graduated from the four-year teacher training program of Vayuananda and also completed a three-year Vedanta study course on the Bhagavad Gita. Lilian’s teaching focuses on pranayama, mudra, bandha, and meditation.

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