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Jade Microfibre Yoga Towels

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HAND TOWELS - $17.50



Jade microfibre yoga towels are made with polyester microfibre, weigh about 240gm and are super absorbent, quick drying and provide great grip - grabbing your yoga mat holding you too while you sweat (as the towel becomes damp, its non-slip properties increase). The microscopic fibers offer extraordinary absorbency with the ability to soak up to six times its weight in water!

Soft and lightweight - easy to carry and silky smooth. Jade's Microfibre Yoga Towel is a great yoga accessory for hot yoga or any exercise practice where you sweat a lot like Pilates.

Through its partnership with thewaterproject.org, Jade will provide one month's worth of clean drinking water for one person in the developing world for every towel sold.

Jade Microfibre Yoga Towels are made in the US in compliance with all US environmental, labor and consumer protection laws.

Towels are 60cm x 183cm. Please wash before use to remove loose fibers.

Comments from the Jade customer focus group:

"I like that I get great traction and it is comfortable to use both sides and quite slip resistant."

"Wanted to let you know what I think of the new Jade Yoga towel so far.
I've used it 5 times now. The first thing I noticed about it is how wonderfully it "sticks" to my Jade Yoga mat, better than any towel I've tried. I don't have to sprinkle water on it to get it to stay, it just does. Sweating all over it makes it even better but I was really impressed with this. Way superior than any other towel I've tried. Once it's on the mat IT DOES NOT MOVE! I've never had a mat that grips the mat so well. "

"I use my towel for absorbency and this one works great. I can do a hot yoga class and my towel is drenched but still is grippy (to the mat) Sometimes I find it a bit slippery to my feet or hands, I've tried it on both sides and get the same thing. But like I said, the absorbency is excellent. Somehow even when very wet it still feels light... not like the other M brand on the market which towel however feels heavy. Don't know why that would be. The M takes forever to dry. Sometimes I drive a long way to my yoga class and my M stays sopping wet the entire drive home while the Jade towel seems to dry faster. "

"In general I really like the towel. I thought at first it seemed a little thin but it's working out very well and I really like the feel of it, very soft. "

"Overall I really like this towel and would purchase it. I hope you guys make it in great colors, that is what has attracted me to mats in the past and towels and I think it would make them sell better if you sold them in cool colors, maybe to go with your mats or contrast them. I use certain color mats/towels depending on what mood I'm in, that's what made me think of that."