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Modern Ball "Fit-Chair" (WITH back)

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From $84.
Kid's Size and Adjustable Back available



Price from $84 per chair - depending on ordered model (adult or kids)

FIT-BALL CHAIR / Balance Ball Chair / Gym Ball Chair - Stay Fit at Home or Office

A quiet revolution in "sitting"

This innovative Balance Ball Fit-Chair offers you numerous benefits of the popular balance-ball just at your workspace. Its patent design helps reduce stress while seated in this chair. If you remove the ball out of the chair frame, you can do stretch and strengthen key muscles without going to the gym.

This Balance Ball Fit-Chair acts as a shock absorber while you sit in it. Besides, it is also easy to bring your body into an ergonomic position. Whenever you feel stiff or need a break, the Fit-Chair will help you to reap all health benefits.

US Patent #6702388 B1, #7044558, #6823817, #503553, E.C. Patent #186226-0001



 WHY Fit-Chair?


Negative sitting posture is the killer of health, your spine will become the biggest victim!

Are you sitting right???

Concerning health starting from "positive posture". More than 80% of people have experience lumbago and overall back pain before, mostly caused by negative sitting posture. This innovative device will help reduce stress and fatigue on the body as well as help prevent injury while maximizing the benefits of physical exercise and motion. The ball acts as a shock absorber and eases your body into an ergonomic position.

    This Balance Ball Chair combines the benefits of the exercise ball, rolling base and a back rest.

    The Balance Ball Chair can be used without the back rest. Perfect for doing exercise in the home or office e.g. push ups, crunches, squats, yoga. Durable and sturdy structure for total comfort. Provides good posture and strengthens the back muscles, spine and reduces shoulder pains.  

    The balance ball is removable from the Fit-Chair and can be used as a standard gym exercise ball so you can put it up against the wall for squats or on the floor for push ups.

    • Fit-Chair - Black
    • With lockable Castors
    • Height of the chair can be adjusted by inflating and deflating the chair
    • Maximum weight - 135KG
    • Approx. Dimensions - 53 x 60 x 79cm (L x W x H)
    • Weight approx 8kg.
    • Includes 52cm ball and 30cm air pump. 
    • Assembly required (easy).
    • Back is removable for exercising on the standard model

    Adjustable Fit-Chair

    • Back rest (back/forward) & height (up/down) are adjustable
    • Ergonomic sitting with soft foam back rest design makes you more comfortable while seated

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    Click Here to view our optional Height Adjusters


    Chair Options & Pricing Details:


    Type Features Available Colours Price
    Adult Standard

    with Back
    Size: 53 x 60 x 79cm (Ball: 52cm)
    Weight: approx 8kg


    Buy 1: $109.00 each
    ($119.90 inc GST)
    Buy 2+: $79.00 each

    ($86.90 inc GST)

    Adult Deluxe

    with ADJUSTABLE Back
    Size: 53 x 60 x 79cm (Ball: 52cm) Weight: approx 8kg


    Buy 1: $149.00 each
    ($163.90 inc GST)

    Buy 2 or more: $119.00 each
    ($130.90 inc GST)

    Kid's Chair

    with Back
    Size: 54cm x 54cm x 54cm (Ball: 38cm) when sat on, back top is 68cm from floor. Weight approx 6kg.


    Buy 1: $86.00 each
    ($94.60 inc GST)

    Buy 2 or more: $84.00 each
    ($92.40 inc GST)

    Users comments:
    "Have just bought the adjustable back chair and the height adjustor wheels as well, gave the other to a co-worker. It is worth the additional money for the adjustables, great improvement!
    "This is a truly ergonomic chair. "
    "Great value at any price. Great for my back and abdominal muscles"
    "Bought it for home, loved it so much I bought one for work as well"
    "We have one of each , with and without the backs. Our friends love them and we have referred them on to you".
    "My posture has improved and I feel less stress in my shoulders and neck. It is teriffic..."

     "I've been using ithis chair for 2 months and love it!  I tended to slouch in my old chair, and really wanted a better desk set-up. It took a little time to get used to, but I kept with it and the muscles have got stronger, and I can sit in on this chair for hours at a time now."  Joan from Bright.
    "With age I found that whenever I sit down I have a hard time getting back up. With this chair I don't have that problem. I bought it for work in my study, but I put it in the family room so I can sit and watch TV without the usualy back pain" Genia S. Sydney.