Pilates Balls

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Pilates Balls - 'POZ-A-BALL' ANTI-BURST  15cm, 19cm, 23cm, 25cm & 30cm

From $6.45 - depending on ordered model and quantity


Use of Pilates Balls reduces muscle tension. The Pilates Ball easily rotates into areas of stiffness and soreness, promoting muscular strength and flexibility. An extra challenge for yoga. Helps concentrate on breathing and alignment.

Pilates Balls are Great for inner thighs, upper thighs, upper arms.

Also use as balance platform. Pliable PVC construction.

Ships deflated.

Use enclosed tube to inflate.

Weight: 0.5kg.

General safety instructions must be heeded regarding use in the presence of children, hot, cold or sharp objects, rings etc.

Exercises can be referred.



Do you want to get more out of your Pilates training using a Poz-a-Ball? We offer a specifically designed Pilates training DVD using a Pilates Ball (equivalent to our 19cm Poz-a-Ball) - click here to view DVD


Can be used for a large varity of exercises. Some are demonstrated in the video below:

Available Sizes & Colours of Pilates Balls:
Size Colour Price
NEW! 15cm POZ-A-BALL Black Buy 1-4 balls:     $8.95 each   ($9.85 inc GST)
Buy 5-9 balls:     $7.95  each    ($8.75 inc GST)
Buy 10-30 balls: $6.95  each   ($7.65 inc GST)
Buy 31+ balls:    $6.45  each    ($7.10 inc GST)
19cm - POZ-A-BALL
(Most Popular)
Blue Buy 1-4 balls:     $8.95 each   ($9.85 inc GST)
Buy 5-9 balls:     $7.95 each   ($8.75 inc GST)
Buy 10-30 balls: $6.95 each    ($7.65 inc GST)
Buy 31+ balls:    $6.45 each    ($7.10 inc GST)

NEW! 23cm

Silver $12.45 ($13.70 inc GST)
25cm Purple $9.95   ($10.95 inc GST)
30cm Blue $9.95   ($10.95 inc GST)
Notice: Balls are shipped uninflated but come with a blow up straw.
They can also be inflated by a Special Pump (
click here ) or at a local service station or bicycle shop.
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