Pilates Ring / Exercise Circle

Product Code: rtyAfECE

This item is very popular and has many names as well - we often hear Pilates Ring, Exercise Ring, Magic Ring, Fitness Ring, Fitness Circle, Exercise Circle but Magic Circle is still the preferred name in Pilates.
  • lightweight, flexible, rubber & plastic covered tough ring.
  • popular for defined resistance toning
  • helps sculpt abs arms, chest and thighs
  • tones specific muscles without bulking up
  • Foam handles for easy and comfortable grip


Standard Ring     Deluxe Ring     Steel Ring
with Foam Handles    (w:38cm x l:36cm) - normal resistance   with Plastic Handles    (w:36cm x l: 37cm) - heavier resistance
  with Removable Foam/ Rubber Grip Handles (35.5cm diam.) - light resistance

Pricing Details:

Type Ordered Quantity Price
Standard Ring 38x36cm
Black cushioned Grip Handle
1-2 Rings $49.00 ($53.90 inc GST)
3-4 Rings $37.00 ($40.70 inc GST)
5 or more Rings $25.00 ($27.50 inc GST)
Deluxe Pilates Ring 36x37cm
Stabilising Grip Handle
1-2 Rings $54.00 ($59.40 inc GST)
3-4 Rings $42.00 ($46.20 inc GST)
5 or more Rings $30.00 ($33.00 inc GST)
Steel Ring 35.5cm diameter
Removable velcro black cushioned Grip Handle
1+ Rings $59.00 ($64.90 inc GST)  
NOW $18.00 ($19.80 inc GST)


Do you want to get more out of your training using a Pilates Ring? See our Pilates training DVDs specifically designed for Pilates Ring workouts (click links below to view):
Level 2 (beginner): Fitness Circle Flow
Level 3 (intermediate): Power Paced Fitness Circle
Level 3 (intermediate): Ultimate Body Sculpting
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