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Recumbent Bicycle Seat Pad Mesh - ACS10

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Air Circulation - Ventilated Seat Pad Mesh - No more sweaty backs!!

Recumbent Bicycle Seats
Ideal alternative to foam. ACS10 will mould to your own seat, the open weave breathes with ease. There are many depictions on Web-Sites as well as fitting instructions etc. ASC10 is used in the original Ventisit.

» See instructions on how to fit - click here.

» Adjusting ACS10 to fit seats.


  • Maintains shape, 10mm thick, will not compact over time.
  • Changes a hard seat into extreme comfort
  • Most durable, and very long lasting.
  • Can be doubled or folded over for a softer feel.
  • Can not absorb fluids, no wet transfer to shirts or pants.
  • Rinses clean with a garden hose. Shake to dry.
  • Very light weight (approx. 220gms)
  • Smooth surface, nothing to snag or damage clothing
  • Road vibrations are eliminated but the ACS10 remains firm
  • Cool air conditioning effect in hot weather
  • Colorfast
  • Very UV resistant
  • Does not smell
  • Attractive, maintains shape for years
  • Hand washable up to 40 degrees C
  • Easy to tailor or stitch to your requirements


  • when measuring, allow for seat edge overlap about 1cm as this will then pull air in from outside and help ventilation around your back.
  • cut the mesh (household scissors) so it sits on the seat properly.
  • One layer of ACS10 is usually enough but you can double up for extra thickness.
  • Attach to under the seat correctly so it stays in shape. Use plastic tie wraps, Velcro &/or Tesa type carpet tape. Two pieces of adhesive tape will do for a smooth, slick seat lie Nazca, Optima, Challenge or M5. (Note foam type double-sided adhesive may stain and can be difficult to remove).
  • For extra seat comfort (and avoiding bolts) slip in a base layer or 2 of one of the non-slip budget yoga mats in this web-site. There are a few denisities to choose from.
  • we are happy to offer further advice.

ORDERING: we suggest size 80 x 210 would give 2 layers

  • Air Circulate - Drain off and dry
  • RV & Boat mattresses - use underneath to stop damp and mould
  • Seats & Backs - Cars, Boats, Canoes
  • Back Pack liner
  • Home - Under wet dishes on the kitchen sink
  • Washing - Under wet jumpers laid flat, sleeping bags etc
  • Marine - around bilge pumps to prevent clogging
  • Inside / Outside - Under wet muddy shoes or snow boots
  • Wet area Lockers - Shelf Lining - Under wet ropes, wet ice coolers etc
  • Plumbers - Over drain holes to prevent clogging, gutter guards
  • Fans - Keep moths from being sucked in.

$100.00 ($110.00 inc GST)